Another Birdie in the Shop.


Another shop update with an itty-bitty original watercolour painting.

Lack of sleep has made me slow today, so I skipped work this morning and went for a jog and made ice-cream sandwiches which were to die for.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter chocolate fudge ice-cream.

Working on another itty-bitty watercolour that I hope to have in the shop tomorrow morning. I’m enjoying putting up the original work because it means I don’t have to scan and photoshop and fiddle.

Happy Thursday!


Row, Row, Row Your Boat!


An itty-bitty watercolour up in the shop today.

It may look a little familiar – I have an earlier version where the unfortunate girl was rowing the boat backwards.

Here is the correct version I painted last night.

I am hoping to have some more itty-bitty original watercolours up in the shop soon.

Here in Newfoundland we finally have summer,

It has been difficult to keep at my desk and not take a half case of beer to the beach.


Newfoundland, Christopher Pratt, Painting

crab plant

Crab Plant with Cat Tracks, Christopher Pratt, 2002

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot on the work of Christopher Pratt. More so because I’m now living in Newfoundland and I see his work everywhere. I’ve always said that he can put such a sense of place and being in every little thing as mundane as a telephone pole, but it wasn’t until I came here that I really marveled at how adept he is at putting the essence of something in whatever he paints.

When I drive on Route 235 from Bonavista to Catalina, and look out at the ponds and the bog and the trees, I see his paintings. But my favourite paintings to see, are when the boy and I park the truck at the Catalina square at midnight, and watch the workers unloading the crab boats. It’s a complicated and fascinating process (from the eyes of a mainlander). We sit there for hours sometimes. Sometimes there’s a full moon and sometimes there’s fog. The geometry (as shown above) is breathtaking. The other night I stood in a fishing boat and the wharf was lit up by florescent lights coming from the boats and the moon, and the boys stood on the wharf in their hoodies and holding their beers and smoking their cigarettes, and the masts stood tall above their heads and the geometry of all that fishing boat contraption – pulleys and all kinds of things with names I don’t recognize. One day I’ll do paintings like these, when things start to get a little more stable…


Strawberry Snail is Having a Sale.


Happy Wednesday!

We had thunder showers this morning which was quite cozy.

I went for a walk by the ocean once the rain cleared and the smell of rain and ocean is pretty stimulating.

I wanted to let you know that my shop is having a 20% off everything sale to say thank you.

Just enter the coupon code (above) when you make your purchase.

You can use the code for as many times as you like until July 10th.


New In The Shop.

Thrush.Final RGB

In the shop today.

My new adventure is to make one print a week,

to keep my drawings fresh and loose,

and to remind myself that drawing shouldn’t be work.

Lately I have been looking a lot at Arounna Khounnoraj’s work.

She is the owner (with her husband) of Bookhou, a shop that houses both of their artwork

including handmade furniture and household items. They are an inspiration for me,

both aesthetically and as very successful business people.

I am contemplating making my first quilt with Arounna’s handmade fabrics.